Pekka Halonen (Finnish, 1865-1933), Lumisia Männyntaimia (Snowy Pine Seedlings), 1899, Ateneum, Helsinki.

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ART HISTORY MEME; 8 artists:
Claude Monet [1/8]
Color is my day-long obsession, joy, and torment. -Monet

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Walter Sickert (British, 1860-1942), The Façade of St Jacques, c.1902-03. Pencil and oil on canvas, 24 x 20 in.


Egon Schiele (Austrian,1890-1918) - Two Women Embracing, 1911     Drawings: Ink, Watercolors

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Paintings by Meghan Howland

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Lawren Harris (Can. 1885-1970), Sand Lake, Algoma, 1922, 32x40 inches, oil


This Is How Much The Female Portrait Has Evolved In The Last 500 Years

Art history books have a reputation of showcasing dead, white, European males — DWEM — and the (mostly white) women they handpicked as muses. Portrait after portrait reveals a woman’s face through a man’s gaze, casting a rather unsavory light on the tendency of artists to eroticize, objectify or idolize the female form.

See the full video for a striking look at the female portrait.

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Roberto Ferri. Sigillum. 2013.

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Jack Pine, 1929
J.E.H. MacDonald, Canadian, 1873 - 1932
Oil on laminated card
Overall: 21.8 x 26.8 cm
Gift from the J.S. McLean Collection, by Canada Packers Inc., 1990
© 2014 Art Gallery of Ontario


Nymphéas, 1914-17, Claude Monet

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Gerardo Dottori (Italian, 1888-1977), Sketch for ‘Aurora Umbra’, 1942. Tempera on plywood, 31.2 x 58.7 cm.


Judith II (1909)

Gustav Klimt

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Art History Meme : [2/6] Themes in Monet’s work

Giverny before and after Monet eyes disease

  • Monet’s House viewed from the Pathway at Giverny (1899)
  • The House at Giverny viewed from the Rose Garden (1924)
  • The Japanese Bridge, the Water-Lily Pond (1899)
  • The Japanese Bridge (1924)
  • Pathway in Monet’s Garden at Giverny (1889)
  • Path with Roses, Giverny (1922)
  • The Weeping Willow (1918)
  • Weeping Willow, Giverny (1922)

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Egon Schiele

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Bryan Wynter (British, 1915-1975), Sandspoor V, 1962. Oil on canvas, 183 x 122 cm.